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Tell us about your business and we'll prepare scenarios of how to engage and increase response from your clients!

how it works

personalized video enables a novel storytelling by putting customer data to work and creating unique videos tailored for each individual viewer


call to action

every video includes a clear call-to-action:
we drive the viewer to respond and act through interactive options.
This is the most efficient way to turn views into your desired results.


sample applications


  • Onboarding for new customers
  • First use and service activations
  • Up-selling and cross-selling of new products, cash loans, credit cards, etc.
  • Personalized extensions of ATL campaigns
  • Customer education, e.g. converting clients from traditional to electronic statements
  • New product launch


  • New clients acquisition
  • New customers onboarding
  • Up- and cross-selling
  • Insurance renewal campaigns
  • Insurance reviews and protection coverage recommendations
  • New product launch

Loyalty programs

  • New member onboarding
  • New offers in program
  • Tailored promotions by partner network
  • User activation program
  • Exclusive communication for high value members
  • Tailored promotions for customers per their purchasing preferences

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Whether you want to increase your sales, educate your customers and avoid service calls, or simply thank them in a special way, let's talk! I'll be happy to find a way to use our magic solutions to your business!

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